Mystery Series: A Vampire Tale

Mystery Series: A Vampire Tale

Nordic Games

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Genre: Games / Casual
Players: Single-player
Version: 1.00
Download Size: 243.88 MB
Territory: North America (US and Canada)


Step into a dark and mysterious universe and take on the role of innocent young Caroline, trying to solve her father's mysterious disappearance. Travel from sunny cities to cold and ancient ruins, and discover a world you never thought existed. When Caroline decides to leave for Transylvania in search of her missing father, she finds a hidden, dark and dangerous realm but also unexpected help. With unprecedented twists of treason and betrayal, immerse yourself in a secret ancient society and discover the wars waged for millennia between the vampire clans through “A Vampire Tale”, a truly innovative and captivating hidden object game!

A Vampire TaleTM © 2012 Published by Nordic Games Publishing, Developed by Quantic Lab SRL


  • The first Transylvanian studio to make a Transylvanian game
  • The first of the A Vampire Tales series
  • 16 puzzles
  • 16 mini-games

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