The Spirit Engine 2

The Spirit Engine 2

Genre: Games / RPGs
Players: Single-Player
Version: 1.05
Download Size: 209.66 MB
Territory: Worldwide
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The Spirit Engine 2 is an epic adventure that evokes the feel of classic console RPGs whilst providing a fresh experience with an innovative real-time battle system and a compelling story.

Medea is a world with a uncertain past and an elusive future, dominated by its mysterious overlords, the inhuman Rakari. But history is beginning to unravel in the mighty state of Lereftain. Murderous cults are running unchecked through the streets, parliament is bickering, tension is building with old enemies in the west and the country's rulers seem to be losing control. Three citizens who find their paths crossing in an act of charity one dark night will find themselves burdened with the responsibility of not only defending a nation but deciding whether to save civilisation as they know it.


  • An innovative and engaging real-time RPG battle system which rewards tactical flair and timing. Combine your characters' unique abilities and unleash them at the right moment to overcome your foes.
  • An extensive plot spanning nine distinct chapters. Assemble your party of three from an initial choice of nine, each with their own perspective on the main events.
  • A lovingly crafted world, populated with colourful characters, drawn with detailed, old-fashioned 2D graphics and accompanied by an epic 3 hour soundtrack.
  • Helpful difficulty control. Switch to 'Easy' to enjoy all the story, or lock on 'Hard' and skip the dialogue to focus on the combat gameplay.

System Requirements


  • Windows XP / Vista
  • 1.2 GHz Processor
  • 512 MB Available System Memory
  • 225 MB Available Hard Disk Space
  • 64 MB Video Card

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