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Alcohol Reference
Fantasy Violence
Mild Suggestive Themes
Elven Legacy
The shadows of destruction begin to loom on the horizon once a human mage uncovers a dark and powerful secret dating back to the remote past of the Elven race.

However, the Elves cannot allow this forbidden knowledge to fall into the hands of others and thus imperil the world. For the first time in countless years, this ancient race must venture forth and interfere with events transpiring in the lands of man. With the renegade mage in their sights, the sorceress Gilwen and ranger-lord Seagate set off together, unaware that beliefs and friendships alike will soon be tested...

Elven Legacy: Ranger
The Order of Marcus, long dormant in its isolation, is expanding. The renowned ranger Cornelius, armed with his spear and trained in the arts of subterfuge, has been tasked with preparing the world of Illis for the coming of the order.

Ranger Cornelius possesses a holy spear that can apply special powers to his attacks. In Elven Legacy, each unit's operation could only be performed once per turn - one move and one attack. Ranger Cornelius can now use special attributes of his sacred spear without losing his turn. For example, he can activate a paralysing stroke and then throw the spear at the enemy. The enemy unit will not only suffer damage from the attack, but they will also be unable to move during the enemy’s turn.

Elven Legacy: Siege
Several months have passed since the return of the Order of Marcus from exile to the continent and their founding of the kingdom of New Tixus in this, the second official Expansion to the epic Fantasy Strategy game Elven Legacy.

Outcast elves under the leadership of the elven lord Saggitel, have once more acted provocatively and dared to cross in to the realm of man, but the human armies are ready and waiting. Inciting the wrath of brother Karel, the fearsome knight of the Holy Inquisition, along with the agent of New Tixus, the ranger Cornelius, Saggitel is now their target of retribution. How far can Saggitel run before they catch up to him?

Each of the heroes, whatever their individual cause, has a mighty army behind them. In the course of their adventures, each will have to stand in battle and withstand mighty sieges in their quest for survival and victory. The ancient impregnable fortresses of the dwarves, the enchanted cities of the elves, and the historic capital cities of Eolia, each will see their share of bloodshed, and each will become sites of conflicts which will go down in the annals of history.

Elven Legacy: Magic
The era of Elven Legacy is coming to an end. The relentless wave of demonic magical energy triggered by the death of the demon Farrakh has swept the world and has now reached the free city of Sylent. Powerless, the Masters of the Academy of Magic are being driven insane. The Holy Inquisition, inspired by the clerics of the kingdom of New Tixus, acts swiftly to intervene in the seemingly hopeless cause of preventing the world’s slide into darkness and madness.

At the forefront is Alfred Brennock, the Archmage supreme, who alone is mastered in the arcane arts, and who alone can save the lives and the sanity of his Academy pupils. Using the strength and potency of the Sagittel’s curse, Brennock faces the ultimate test of his will as he creates spells of untold power, summons legions of mystical spectres, and crosses half a world in a desperate attempt to stem the tide of evil. But he isn’t the only one...


  • Elven Legacy
    • Classic turn-based strategy gameplay as seen in such series as Heroes of Might & Magic
    • Two story campaigns: one for elves and another for humans, with many plot forks and bonus missions
    • More than 100 various units in nine armies and five powerful heroes
    • Five playable factions, available for multiplayer combat in 16 scenarios
    • Various game endings which depend on the player's choices
    • Powerful built-in game editor
  • Elven Legacy: Ranger
    • 16 new missions
    • 3 new heroes
    • 12 new spells
    • 5 unique artifacts
  • Elven Legacy: Siege
    • 19 new campaign missons
    • The outcome of mission quests will directly impact subsequent missions
    • Two different armies and Three new heroes (Sir Karel, Inquisitor Morcius, Captain Adrian)
    • Bonus mission (becomes available after Gold ranked victories)
  • Elven Legacy: Magic
    • 15 new campaign missions
    • A new hero & return of heroes of old – Runic Dward Mage, Gilven, Master Brennock
    • New tactical skills, armies of summons, and sacred dwarven runes
    • Powerful new spells and artifacts that can drastically effect any given tactical situation if used correctly
    • Powerful new spells and artifacts that can drastically effect any given tactical situation if used correctly
    • BONUS mission that reveals the continuing tales of heroes from “Elven Legacy” and “Fantasy Wars”

System Requirements


  • Windows XP / Vista
  • 1.5 GHz Processor
  • 512 MB Available System Memory
  • 128 MB 3D Video Card (GeForce 5700 / Radeon 9600)*
  • DirectX Compatible Sound Card
  • 3 GB Available Hard Drive Space
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • * This game may not function with notebook graphics cards.

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