Hearts of Iron III: Sounds of Conflict

Hearts of Iron III: Sounds of Conflict

Paradox Interactive


A collection of 18 songs from Hearts of Iron II, composed by Andreas Waldetoft, to accompany the game play of Hearts of Iron III. With over an hour of music, these songs play during key moments to enhance the mood and feel of the game.

The Good Fight

Songs which will play when you are at war, creating a vibrant feel of large conflict.

  • Lullaby of War
  • Overture
  • WAR
  • Hoilero
  • Suite no. 1
  • The Front
  • Achtung Panzer
  • Japanese Spirit
  • Kriegsgewitter
  • Rise and Fall of Evil

Peace In Our Time

Music of peace , although these songs play during peace time, the threat of war always
looms in the distance.

  • Happy March
  • Russian Adagio
  • Russian Variations
  • State of Grace
  • Suite no. 2

The Allies of the West

Music of peace in the West, where British and American democracies prepare for the coming
fight for freedom.

  • Air Borne
  • Leaving Shore
  • Montgomery’s March
  • The RAF

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