Disney Epic Mickey eGuide

Disney Epic Mickey eGuide

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A heroic tale of redemption and discovery, Disney Epic Mickey is an adventure-platforming game with light role-playing elements for the Nintendo Wii, featuring an iconic and retro Mickey Mouse inspired by cartoons of the 1920s and 1930s. Pulled into a warped Disney universe called Wasteland, Mickey finds himself in a world inhabited by the retired and forgotten cartoon characters and attractions from Disney's past. Mickey must use the very elements of animation (paint and paint thinner) to explore Wasteland, find the source of evil that is destroying the land, and redeem his fellow cartoon characters. With visionary game designer Warren Spector behind the title, players choose their own path to restore Wasteland, face the consequences of those decisions and ultimately free the land.


  • Wield Paint and Paint Thinner like a pro with our expert tips on exploring and fighting!
  • Playstyle Matters: Your actions and decisions have consequences! Our guide will help you choose the best paths for the outcomes you want as you help Mickey in his quest to save Wasteland.
  • Extensive walkthroughs reveal the secrets behind every quest, puzzle, boss battle, and hidden area!
  • Complete enemy descriptions and boss breakdowns provide tips on how to survive the harrowing encounters, and the consequences of befriending or defeating your foes!
  • Collect every Disney Epic Mickey pin and piece of concept art with our step-by-step visual guide to all the hidden unlocks!
  • More than 40 fully labeled world maps guide your exploration of Wasteland so you can get the most out of each level!
  • This digital eGuide download features easy-to-use clickable navigation on every page.
  • Fully searchable so you can find exactly what you want, when you want.
  • View on-screen or print out pages.

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