Declares a State of War

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Plymouth, MI- (August 17, 2006) – Stardock Entertainment is pleased to announce the release of Cypron Studios' State of War and State of War: Warmonger today on is the primary vendor for online sales and is the exclusive online vendor of both titles on Cypron Studios' official web site (

State of War is set in the future, during a time when the world has come together in peace to form the United Federation of Seven Continents (U.F.S.C.). To ensure global peace and security, the Federation created a global defense network known as Overmind. Controlled by a super intelligent mainframe computer, Overmind was given control of 22 military bases worldwide, ready to act at the first sign of conflict. Unfortunately, the peace of the world has been challenged by a powerful cult called the Beho-Sunns who have managed to gain control of the Overmind, forcing the U.F.S.C. to declare a state of war. The battle for control of Earth continues in the standalone expansion for State of War - Warmonger. In Warmonger, players must face off against a terrorist group known as the Crystal Brotherhood in 11 all-new missions.

State of War is available now for $9.95 or 1 token for members and can be purchased by visiting:

State of War: Warmonger is also available now for $14.95 or 1 token for members and can be purchased by visiting:

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