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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Plymouth, MI- (October 6, 2005) – Stardock Entertainment has announced the addition of the puzzle game WordWars to its online game distribution system, TotalGaming.net.

WordWars is the world’s most violent word game. Imagine the old favorite board and tile-based word game with the full alphabet and blank tiles that act as wildcards. Now add two more "blank" tiles: the bomb tile, and the poison tile. When an opponent plays off of a bomb tile, it explodes...and takes any adjacent enemy tiles with it. If the enemy has a lot of contiguous tiles, the effect can sweep across the entire game board with frightening results for them. Each explosion hurts your opponent, which is the fundamental difference between WordWars and other word games: there is no score - it's a fight to the death.

Developed by Atomic Monks, WordWars features several dictionary sets for players of different skill levels. Dictionaries are customizable so players can add or remove words. The game also offers skinnable game maps and tiles, plus plenty of challenging gameplay with numerous secret "power" words.

WordWars can be purchased for $14.95 standalone or through a TotalGaming.net membership at the discounted price of 1 token ($6.99 equivalent).

Minimum System Requirements: Windows 98/Me/2K/XP, 500 MHz Processor, 64MB RAM, 3D Video Card, DirectX 8.1 or Higher.

For more information about WordWars or to try out the demo version, please visit the homepage at www.totalgaming.net/games/?id=ww

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