Breaks Out with BreakQuest

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Plymouth, MI- (August 25, 2005) – Game publisher Stardock Entertainment has announced the addition of the game BreakQuest to its electronic distribution store Developed by Nurium Games in Barcelona, Spain, BreakQuest offers 100 levels of fun, accessible gameplay.

BreakQuest is a fresh take on the original BreakOut which first appeared in the 1980’s. However, unlike other incarnations of the classic breakout game, BreakQuest features a full-fledged physics engine. This allows bricks to move in realistic ways when they’re impacted by the player’s ball, plus makes it possible for bricks to take on different shapes, grow and shrink, hang, swing about and more.

BreakQuest can be purchased standalone for $19.99, or at a low cost of only 2 tokens with a membership. Either way, once a player purchases a game, it’s theirs to keep forever. If a player gets a new computer they can download a new copy and install it with no DRM hassles.

System Requirements: 500MHz Processor, 128MB RAM, 24- or 32-bit Capable Video Card, Windows 98/Me/XP/2003, DirectX 7 or higher

For more information about BreakQuest, please visit the homepage at

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