Jets'n'Guns Added to Lineup

Friday, August 12, 2005

Plymouth, MI- (August 12, 2005) – Software developer Stardock Entertainment has added the side scrolling action game Jets'n'Guns to Originally developed by the Czech Republic game company Rake in Grass, Jets'n'Guns is the most recent title to be added to, Stardock Entertainment's game distribution system on the Internet. members are able to purchase titles at discounted rates by using a unique Token-based payment system.

Jets'n'Guns is pure, unadulterated, action. It is separated into a sequence of levels, with mission objectives for each, that lead the player through the storyline. Each level is introduced by a short text briefing that will help gamers to keep track of objectives, plus give them a short description of what they can expect to face.

By destroying the various enemies during missions and accomplishing objectives, players can earn money that can be spent at the Hypershopping Mall – which appears in between levels. Here gamers can save their current progress, upgrade their existing armaments, or purchase new weapons and ship systems. Players will be able to choose from 57 different types of weapons, each of which is upgradeable to provide a faster rate of fire and more raw firepower. Additionally, players can decide where on their ship to equip their weapon systems, granting the ability to use rear-firing guns, turrets, bombs and more. Nineteen special devices help to spice-up your war machine even more.

Jets'n'Guns can be purchased stand alone for $19.95, or at a low cost of only 2 tokens with a membership. Either way, once a player purchases and downloads a game, it's theirs to keep forever. If a player gets a new computer they can download a new copy and install it with no DRM hassles.

System Requirements: 500MHz Processor, 64MB RAM, 32MB 3D Video Card, 100MB Hard Disk Space, Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

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