Stardock Community FAQ about Impulse Acquisition by GameStop

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stardock Community FAQ

Statement to the Stardock community:

We at Stardock have always operated with the goal of transparency to our loyal (and awesome) fan base. As such, we understand that many of you will have questions regarding the recent news that Impulse, Inc. has been acquired by GameStop.

Below is an FAQ designed to address what we hope is the majority of your questions. Please understand that during the acquisition phase there will be questions we cannot address due to confidentiality agreements.

Above all else, we want to ensure you that service to Impulse will not be affected by this transition and that your accounts are still as valid today as the day you created them.

We cannot express with words the amount of appreciation we have to you, our loyal fans and customers and the support you have shown Stardock and Impulse over the past decade: from Stardock Central to to Impulse, Stardock has been on the bleeding edge of digital media innovation since its inception and has a rich history of bringing successful concepts to market first.

We at Stardock look forward to what the future brings for PC gaming, digital distribution and of course, continued innovation at Stardock, Inc.


  • Was Stardock acquired or just Impulse?

GameStop has acquired Impulse, Inc.

  • How does this affect my account?

There will be no disruption in service to existing or newly created accounts. Impulse will continue to function as normal for existing and new customers. Your current purchases will continue to be available through Impulse, Inc.

  • Who will handle customer support during the acquisition phase?

For the foreseeable future, nothing will change for customers. Impulse, Inc. will continue to handle customer support.

  • What happens to the staff?

The staff will be staying with Impulse, Inc.

  • Will there be layoffs?

We do not anticipate any. All key employees that worked for Impulse, Inc. are continuing with Impulse. Shared resources will be reabsorbed into one of Stardock's other business units.

  • Is Stardock hiring?


  • What kinds of positions are you hiring for?

Stardock is actively hiring software engineers of all types, project managers, senior developers and artists.

  • Does this affect the development of the Elemental franchise or the Sins expansion?

It doesn't. Impulse is a separate business unit from Stardock Entertainment.

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