Master of Orion II

Master of Orion II


Genre: Games / Strategy
Developer: Microprose
Players: Single-player, Multi-player
Version: 1.40
Download Size: 209.22 MB
Protection: DRM FREE
Language: English
Territory: North America (US and Canada)



Mild Fantasy Violence
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Master of Orion II: Battle of Antares is the classic turn-based strategy sequel in which you can explore and conquer a galaxy. First, pick from one of thirteen playable races or create your own custom race. You then begin with a single planet and must expand from there by researching scientific advances, building fleets of starships, and colonizing distant stars.

However, the galaxy is a harsh and hostile place. Rival empires will attempt to exterminate you, but there are other threats more dangerous than that. You’ll have to adapt to the changing situation, outfitting your ships with the latest technology, and using your wits as you engage in diplomacy, espionage, and warfare for the ultimate battle of galactic supremacy.


  • Explore, Expand, Exterminate across the galaxy
  • Enlist economic, military, and scientific leaders
  • Colonize star systems, many with multiple planets
  • Research starship components then design fleets of vessels
  • Your ship designs and tactics determine success in battle

System Requirements


  • Windows® XP / Vista / 7
  • 1 GHz Processor
  • 512 MB Available System Memory
  • DirectX® 7 Compatible Video Card

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