Lost Empire - Immortals

Lost Empire - Immortals

Paradox Interactive

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Fantasy Violence

Long ago the immortal Aeons presented the fledging races with the technology to travel the stars.  Without pause for reasoning, vast fleets colonised the cosmos expanding the interstellar community until a great cataclysm occurred.

Now the Aeon’s, a technologically superior race that once guided the lesser races, is all but lost to myth.  Their colonies and technology lie beyond reach - scattered throughout the galaxy, like so many stars.

Only fading memories recall the cause of the Aeons downfall and the loss of the star-gates that ended the first Galactic War.  Devoid of the means to navigate the stars, the empires of the six major races began to look inwards as communication between worlds was lost.

From the depths of the abyss, the long forgotten desire for exploration and conquest calls out once again.   For it would only be a matter of time before each race would: recover the knowledge to rebuild their fleets, reawaken their desire to explore, rekindle their need to expand and return to warring ways.

As the six galactic empires make ready for the arduous struggle ahead, all manner of citizens are rallied to the cause.  Scouting expeditions leave the safety of their stellar berths seeking out potential systems ripe for colonisation.  Close behind terra-forming ships prepare planets for swelling populations.  Throughout countless shipyards powerful battle-fleets are forged from newly acquired resources, ready to face the threats that emerge with every cycle of the sun.  A new age has arrived.

The Age of Immortals has descended upon the fledging empires of the known galaxy.  Will you dominate or be destroyed? 


  • Colossal Galactic Map – Explore the vastness of a fully populated macrocosm, teeming with up to 5,000 stars of varying configurations. Encounter the interstellar communities of six playable empires and twenty-eight uniquely evolved minor civilizations.
  • Vast Scientific Multi-nodal Research Tree – Conduct research across eleven scientific categories, branching out into 150 individual advances.
  • Customize Ship Construction – Spaceship models consist of eight classes that conform to a mission type: exploration, reconnaissance, defensive patrolling, fleet interdiction and planetary invasion.
  • 3D Rendered Dual Warfare System – View massive 3D rendered space battles between turns, through an action camera and adjust your strategy based on the outcomes of the space battles.
  • Multiplayer Action – Invite up to ten players to play in any one game. Create attributes to ensure that no two sides play with identical races.

System Requirements


  • Windows XP or Vista
  • Windows 7 - Not Compatible
  • 1200MHz CPU
  • 512 MB RAM
  • GeForce 4 or similar (SM 1.1)
  • 1GB hard disk space
  • DirectX 9.0c

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