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Protect your data in real-time! Data revisioning and protection software that allows you to keep multiple versions of protected file types or directories. [Internet access required for initial installation and updates.]


  • Massively updated UI to make the app more user friendly Massively improved file recovery interface. Includes file previews (with suitable preview filters installed - usually by the app that creates the file type), and advanced filtering based on file modified date, file type, name and location.
  • The ability to exclude an application from KeepSafe. This is useful if you do not want a particular apps files to be monitored.
  • Installers are now automatically excluded (where possible) The secondary location can now be an external HD or USB memory stick.
  • When this particular drive is connected KeepSafe will automatically perform copies. You can also tell KS to use local storage as a temp location. So any files you make when you are 'on the road' are saved locally and are copied to the secondary location when it is connected.
  • It can also append the username to make it easy for multiple accounts to share the same KeepSafe backup drive.
  • Options to delete local archive or non local archive files as well as the ability to check the database for any missing files (in case of user deletion)
  • Reporting options for file count by type, file count by location, disk space by type and disk space by location. These show the results in pie chart form as well as a list below showing the actual percentages.

System Requirements


  • For use with Windows 7, Vista (32-bit), Windows XP (32-bit)
  • Internet Access for Activation

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