Empires and Dungeons 2: The Sultanate

Empires and Dungeons 2: The Sultanate

Genre: Games / Strategy / RPGs / Indies
Players: Single-player
Version: 1.10
Download Size: 103.05 MB
Language: English
Territory: Worldwide



Fight for the crown in this sequel to the known fantasy strategy and roleplaying game mix. Build a castle, hire an army and crawl cursed dungeons for legendary treasures.

This strategy-roleplaying game combines the most addictive elements from both genres. You have to build a castle and wage war on the battlefield as well as exploring dungeons and training your hero.

In the mystical Eastern deserts, a struggle for power is taking place. Sultans battle for the crown, raising mighty armies in their quest for supremacy. One of these great leaders must succeed. Could it be you?

A unique blend of turn based strategy and real-time roleplaying, Empires & Dungeons 2 is a highly addictive game from the makers of the Smugglers series. You have to build a mighty castle, hire an army and conquer the towns and defences of your enemies. As well as gathering resources, you'll be exploring monster-infested dungeons in search of wealth, honour and experience.


  • 8 addictive and different scenarios (new ones and the best from Empires & Dungeons 1)
  • Comprehensive game editors allowing you to create your own maps, monsters and items!
  • Randomly generared dungeons - every adventure is different!
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Helpful in-game tutorial & in-game help
  • Up to three computer opponents at once
  • New exciting monsters, new valuable items, new thrilling events, ...

System Requirements


  • Windows® XP / Vista / 7
  • 1 GHz Processor
  • 512 MB Available System Memory
  • 250 MB Available Hard Drive Space

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