Cities XL Limited Edition

Cities XL Limited Edition

Developer: Monte Cristo
Players: Single Player
Version: 1.1
Download Size: 3.4 GB
Protection: Online Account
Territory: North America (US and Canada)



Mild Cartoon Violence
Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB
CITIES XL™ is the next-generation in city-building games, allowing gamers to develop cities on realistic 3D maps using an incredible collection of unique structures. Would-be Mayors are challenged to create the right combinations of social services, leisure activities, special events and job opportunities within their cities in order to feed, employ and entertain their citizens. Realism will be pushed to the limit with cities that are bigger, more realistic and more sophisticated than ever before.

Limited Edition Bonus Content:

  • 1 Prestigious City Hall and 5 landmark buildings
    • Los Angeles City Hall
    • Berlin Victory Column
    • Kiev Saint-Vladimir Cathedral
    • San Francisco Grand Hotel
    • Paris Opera Garnier
    • New York 40th Wall Street Building
  • 5 additional maps for the Solo Mode
  • 2 permanent MegaStructures
    • Big Ben and Parlaiment House
    • Mayan Pyramid of Chichen Itza
  • Special Add-Ons
    • T-Shirt for your Avatar
    • Special distinction on the Cities XL community website


  • Hundreds of buildings and monuments based on American and European-influenced architectural styles
  • Extra large and incredibly detailed 3D maps feature a variety of terrains: mountains, hills, canyons, beaches and islands, all set in different climates from tropical to desert, Mediterranean to temperate. Topography and terrain affect resource availability and city design
  • Sophisticated transport system: players can define the number and uses of traffic lanes; while using bridges and tunnels to expand the size of their cities
  • Realistic representation of the population. Citizens have a profile consisting of age, education and wealth. These profiles will affect what types of services and entertainment the player must make available to the city's inhabitants.
  • Self-sufficient global economy, balanced by price fluctuations and citizen demands throughout the game world
  • GEMs (Gameplay Extension Modules) allow players to switch their mayor position for CEO seats, from car dealerships to ski resorts, players will find a wide variety of businesses available to them.
  • Fantastic high-end graphics engine provides near photo-realistic quality visuals
  • Developed by the team that created the popular City Life series

System Requirements


  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or Microsoft Windows Vista SP1
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV 2.5Ghz or AMD equivalent or better, Laptop : Centrino 2 or better
  • Memory: 1GB (XP), 1.5GB (Vista), Laptop: 1.5GB (XP), 2.5GB (Vista)
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT/ ATI Radeon X1600 or better, 256 MB RAM, Laptop: Intel Graphics Accelerator or better, DirectX 9.0c
  • Hard Drive Space: 8GB Available
  • This game requires an online account to play. Internet access is required to login.

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