Beyond the Spirit's Eye

Beyond the Spirit's Eye

Genre: Games / Adventure
Developer: WRF Studios
Players: Single-Player
Version: 1.20
Download Size: 1.01 GB
Territory: Worldwide
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Alcohol Reference
Mild Violence
Last Half of Darkness: Beyond the Spirit's Eye is a terrifying point-and-click puzzle solving adventure set in a world of vampires, voodoo, and black magic. The latest installment to the acclaimed "Last Half of Darkness" story, the new title offers a spine-tingling story of terror, mysterious puzzles and bizarre imagery. As the player, you find your curiosity unleashing an overpowering interest in the rare gem which eventually takes you to a deserted village shrouded in mystery and horror. Locked away by secrets and time, you soon uncover an evil that protects the jewel with its dark past and strange riddles of black magic.


  • Easy Point & Click Interface
  • Haunting CD-Quality Soundtrack
  • Bizarre and Creepy Puzzles
  • Mysterious and Terrifying Storyline
  • Over 20-30 Hours of Horrifying Gameplay

System Requirements


  • Windows XP / Vista
  • 800 MHz Processor
  • 128 MB Available System Memory
  • 32 MB 3D Video Card
  • 2 GB Available Hard Disk Space
  • DirectX 8 or Higher

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