Alter Ego

Alter Ego

Genre: Games / Adventure
Players: Single-player
Version: 1.00
Download Size: 1.26 GB
Language: English
Territory: Worldwide



Alcohol Reference
Tobacco Reference

After a strange aristocrat dies and his body goes missing, a series of gruesome murders shake the town of Plymouth in the late 19th Century. Rumors of a supernatural monster abound, and this latest crime spree has the entire village shaking in fear. The local police are beside themselves and have made no headway in solving the crimes. This is a paradox so complex that two characters from completely different backgrounds must work together if there’s any chance to solve it.

Detective Briscol, a man of logic and principles, and Timothy Moor, a petty thief, become unlikely partners who must uncover the dark secrets behind these shocking crimes. Alternating between each role, players will investigate the strange events as they attempt to solve the crime of the century. Let’s just hope they find the murderer before murderer finds them!


  • Combines horror, RPG and adventure elements to create a chilling mystery experience
  • A twisting, macabre storyline with complex characters, detailed environments, and a haunting soundtrack that will keep you guessing at every turn
  • Alternate throughout the game between 2 playable characters - Briscoll, the detective, and Moor, the thief. Each character brings a unique perspective to the story
  • More than 25 NPC characters to interact with and 80 game locations to explore

System Requirements


  • Windows® XP SP2 / Vista / 7
  • 2.5 GHz Processor (Single Core)
  • 1 GB Available System Memory
  • 128 MB 3D Graphics Card (Geforce 6600/Radeon 9600)
  • 3 GB Available Hard Drive Space

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