Europa Universalis III Eastern Anno Domini 1400

Europa Universalis III Eastern Anno Domini 1400

Paradox Interactive

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Genre: Games / Strategy / DLC /
Version: 1.00
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Territory: Worldwide



This spritepack includes 16 new sprites for the eastern europeans in the 15th century of EU3. Unique uniforms for Russia, Poland, Muscowy, Novgorod, Lithuania, Riga, Hungary, Ryazan, Pskov, Byzantium, Tver, Yaroslavl, Mazowia, Serbia, Bosnia and a generic one.

This is sixteen historically authentic modelled eastern European units with new animations, for a more realistic and more beautiful game atmosphere. Units are equipped with swords, shields, daggers, armors, chain mails, jerkins, capes, basinets and pig face basinets. The generic eastern units are also embellished.

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